Animeleague COVID-19 Events Policy 2021

Last Updated: 25th October 2021

General Guideance

Before the Event

Check Your Symptoms – If you have COVID-19 symptoms (including a cough, sore throat, headache, runny nose, fever or headache) then don’t leave home. We advise you to follow government guidelines to self-isolate and to get a COVID-19 PCR test.

Consider Taking a Test – Before you leave home on the event day, we advise you to take a COVID-19 lateral flow test even if you don’t have symptoms. This is because people can carry the virus without having symptoms. Taking a test before you leave home ensures that you aren’t bringing the virus with you! You can order free lateral flow tests from the NHS Website, or collect free tests from pharmacies. 

Refund Policy – While the pandemic is ongoing, our usual terms & conditions apply for refunds. However, we may allow refunds for up to 2 weeks before the event instead of the usual 4 weeks in the terms & conditions. There is still an admin fee on all refunds, as per our terms & conditions.

Download the NHS Contact Tracing App – You are advised to use this when you enter the event. The NHS app scans a code which is fast and secure to use.

Consider Booking Your Tickets Beforehand – Due to high demand, it is highly likely that all tickets will be sold out beforehand. There is a chance that some tickets on the day may be available, but these will only be sold after 2PM at the earliest if they are, instead of the usual midday time.

Alternatively, if you do intend to come early, please bear in mind that priority tickets (for an extra £5 per person) allow access from 10AM and will allow you to jump the queue after 12PM when normal ticket holders will be allowed in.

Bring Hand Sanitizer, Sunblock and Water – We will not be able to provide these when you are in the queue, so please bring your own. You can expect longer than usual queuing times, especially if you arrive in the morning. 

At The Event – Outside

Be Patient – Please remember that queue times will be extended as we do additional checks, including temperature checks and contact tracing.

Expect Temperature Checks – We will ask to check your temperature with a hand scanner before you are allowed into the event. We retain the right to refuse entry if you refuse this temperature check. If you have a medical condition that causes you to have an abnormal body temperature, please let us know before we do this check.

Contact Tracing – You will be asked to give us your details for contact tracing before you enter the event. We advise you to download the NHS contact tracing app as this is the fastest way to do contact tracing. We will also have an online form and paper for those not using the NHS app. 

At The Event – Inside

Masks and Face Coverings – You are not required to wear a mask at the event, however it is encouraged to help protect those around you. 

Social Distancing – You are not required by law to keep your distance, or to remain in small groups. However, you can do this if you wish. Note that we expect the event to be busy, so the space to allow distancing will be limited between 10AM and 3PM. Please plan to visit the event after 3PM if you wish to follow social distancing guidelines.

Handling of Gaming Equipment – Please consider bringing your own controllers. If you need to use ours, you can sanitize before and after touching. This also applies to Board Gaming equipment as well.

  1. If you have any issues either at the event or before the event please contact us either via email (, or our social media pages. We are here to help you.