Animeleague Coronavirus (COVID-19) Events Policy 2020

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This page is now out of date. Please check here for the latest information:

Last Updated: 14th April 2021

Our policy can be summarised as C.P.R – Check, Provide, Remind

(C)heck – For the safety of everyone, we will check all those before entering the event for any signs of COVID-19. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or not feeling well in general we ask you not to attend and you may be denied entry to the event.
(P)rovide – As an event we will provide plenty of security including sanitation stations, enhanced cleaning in each area, social distancing measures and no more than 50% capacities in all areas. We will also be providing gloves to wear for any common use equipment.
(R)emind – There will be frequent reminders and signage during the event to take sensible precautions. These include wearing a mask or visor where possible, maintaining social distancing from those outside your bubble, regularly sanitising, to cough or sneeze in a tissue and, avoiding littering and of course to seek medical assistance immediately if you start to feel unwell.

If you are requested to leave the event due to illness either before or after entry, we ask you to be understanding and to not take offence.

In Depth Policy

The full details on how we intend to run the event safely and what we request for those attending can be found below –

      1. If any event is postponed due to COVID19 (local lockdowns, or government advice etc), all tickets will be transferred automatically to the new dates. Attendees will also be entitled to a refund if they cannot make the new dates.
      2. Contactless Payments – Where possible payments need to be made by ‘contactless’ bank cards, though we will still be accepting cash at certain points within the event.
      3. Hand Sanitizer Stations & Enhanced Cleaning/Waste Management – At the event there will be hand sanitizer for attendees to use and all equipment will be cleaned after use throughout the day. For common use equipment such as stage microphones, tabletop gaming and video gaming, disposable gloves will be provided for attendees to wear. More waste bins will be provided for proper disposal of masks and gloves. Signs will be placed to remind people not to litter.
      4. Masks – We request for everyone to wear a mask where possible while at the event to help protect others. We understand that you may not be able to wear a mask due to disability. If you are exempt from wearing a mask please bring a doctor’s note or proof before entering or email beforehand or we recommend you use a visor instead.
      5. Social Distancing – To comply with social distancing we will be limiting the number of people in the venue at one time compared to our normal capacity, which will be at approximately 50% depending on the venue and space available. We will be implementing a 1M+ distance rule between each social bubble, which applies to all areas. There will be plenty of signage and announcements to remind you of this throughout the event. In areas where seating is used such as at stage, there will be signs every few chairs to remind groups to keep their distance. Please be patient with staff and other attendees through this. Events and activities including the entry queues may take longer than usual, and be prepared to queue for activities or to enter areas.
      6. Social Bubble & Personal Contact – We ask all attendees to attend the event in groups of no more than 6 and to keep to your social bubble. This includes interactions with other people outside your social bubble. There should be no contact with one another such as handshakes, hugging etc.
      7. One way system – To apply with social distancing we will have one entrance and one exit (where possible) at each event and one way systems in other high volume areas.
      8. Staff awareness and training – All members of the team are focused on measures designed to keep the event a safe and risk free environment. All members will be wearing a mask/visor, gloves will be provided and extensive training for our senior staff including First Aid. Separation screens will be installed where possible.
      9. Contact Tracing – We ask everyone to take part in NHS Test and Trace. We will keep a record of your data for 21 days after the event so we can make contact if COVID-19 is present. This is to help contain clusters or outbreaks.
      10. Children under the age of 16 (or 18 for our Birmingham) need to be supervised at all times. We ask parents/guardians to keep to their social bubble and be there with their children for their own safety and the safety of others.
      11. Temperature Checks – Depending on government advice closer to the time, attendees temperatures may be checked prior to entering using a contactless scanner. If your temperature is over we may ask you to leave, of course we’ll reimburse you for your entry if this is the case. If you have a medical condition that may give you an abnormally high temperature then please bring along a proof of this.
      12. Extended Opening Hours and Staggered Entry/Queuing – To reduce queuing and better manage capacities, we shall be aiming to open all events at 9AM where possible in the future. The opening time (where this is possible) depends on your ticket type and is as follows:
        – Priority and VIP Membership: 9AM
        – Standard Ticket: 11AM. Queuing starts from 10:30AM.
        – Buying tickets on the day: 1PM (queuing starts at 12:30, subject to availability).We will let you know about updated access times via email before the event. Bubbles will be asked to stay at least 1M apart in the queue, and 2M being ideal if possible. We recommend that attendees consider attending on the Sunday instead of the Saturday as extended queues will be less likely on that day.
      13. Socially Distanced Evening Activities – Due to social distancing, the typical after 8PM parties on the dance floor will not be possible. Parties will involve people sitting at tables/socially distanced stage seating with primarily music and karaoke.
      14. Guidance will be provided to our Exhibitors – All exhibitors will be required to wear masks/visors and other PPE. We will request they bring along barrier screens, take contactless payment where possible and to keep vigilance that any queues for their stalls are appropriately separated in accordance with social distancing. Exhibitors will also be requested to regularly clean and disinfect their stands.
      15. Guidance will be provided to our Guests & Performers – All guests/performers will be required to wear masks/visors or PPE unless agreed by the Stage Manager. Any exemptions would be required to wear PPE after they have finished performing. All equipment will be cleaned after each use throughout the day. Disposable gloves will also be provided when using equipment.
      16. Further Guidance will be provided to attendees before and during the event – To help all ticket holders to better remember the main rules, further guidance will be emailed to everyone attending beforehand. The main rule changes (to summarise) will include:A). Sticking to your own social bubble and social distancing where possible.
        B). Absolutely no close physical contact such as handshakes or hugs with anyone outside of your social bubble.
        C). Following one-way systems.
        D). Using hand sanitizers and maintaining acceptable personal hygiene.
        E). For common use equipment, using the provided disposable gloves.
        F). The wearing of a mask or visor, unless you have a medical health condition.
        G). No littering, make sure to use provided bins.
        H). Leave immediately and seek medical assistance if you feel unwell.
        I). Continual Supervision of children under 16.
        J). To provide your phone number/email to enable contact tracing.

    1. If you have any issues either at the event or before the event please contact us either via email (, or our social media pages.

    2. We are here to help you.