What are the AL Advocates?

The AL Advocates are a club of AL fans that are passionate about Animeleague, it’s community and events! Our mission is to help spread the word about AL, it’s community, forum/chat, meetups and conventions across the internet! All advocates will get a conbadge with a badgename of their choice on, a lanyard which they collect at any AL convention this year from the AL Merchandise table (ask front desk if you’re unsure where it is located).

This is done by any of the following –

a) Sharing important links and posts that we post.
b) Telling your friends and inviting them to our fb events (List is here – https://www.facebook.com/Animeleague/events/ )
c) Helping get people onto our forums
d) Networking and speaking to people one on one. Know a company that might want to sponsor? Know a cosplay group that wants to get involved? Maybe a potential cosplay guest. Let them know and help bring people and groups in!
e) Helping to recruit more advocates and people to help out!
f) Being involved with content creation, our social media team or with our meetups team. Email info@animeleague.com for more details here

How do I apply?

Email us on info@animeleague.com and we’ll get back to you asap!

What is a Street Teamer?

Street Teamers, focus on helping to get flyers distributed in real life, as opposed to advocates who promote just online.

If you’re happy to help out and have 200-250 flyers sent to you, then please email info@animeleague.com and we’ll msg you for an address to send them to. Everyone who helps distribute flyers will get a free Animeleague t-shirt worth £12 at the event.

If you have any ideas or ways to help promote in general, then please get in touch, we’re always wanting to work with and involve as many people as possible!