Animeleague is staffed primarily by volunteers who wish to help push what we are doing forward. There are easily over 100 people regularly involved in helping to put the events together. If you are interested in volunteering to join our crew then you can read about how to get involved HERE.


Our Main Organisers

The main people in charge of the events throughout the year, handling the organising on a daily basis.

Michael Towers
Head Organiser & Director
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Stephen Sykes
Head of Staff & Director
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Mel Rowlands
Head of PR & Stage Manager
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Craig Chalmers
Head of Operations & Secretary
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Our Team Leaders

The Team Leaders and their primary deputies help ensure each area of the convention runs as it should. The are the following;


Video Gaming: Dean Cartwright, Ash Symonds

Operations: Craig Chalmers, Ellis Wood

Registrations: Aimee Leggett, Jack Poyser

Tabletop Gaming: Richard Towers, James

Stage: Mel Rowlands, Steven Turner

There are a further 15+ other deputies and specialists who also help out regularly as well.


Our Presenters & Community Managers

Acting as the front-line role, our presenters also help act as the representatives for the events and community as a whole. We have nearly a dozen presenters. The main ones are as follows (as they are at most events).

Alexander Aldred

Alex is your friendly, loud cosplayer who will be your friend within two minutes of meeting him! Attending AL Events for a few years and getting more and more involved, from providing cosplay panels & activities to running the Midlands Big Geek Meets! 

Lucy Adams

Based in Wales, Lucy started out as very shy and not really wanting to be involved in other areas apart from helping our Video Gaming Team at events. As she has attended more events and became friends with everyone, Lucy has grown in confidence and enjoys the events that we host. Lucy is also starting to get into cosplay more which is an exciting step for her!

Mel Rowlands
Stage Manager/Presenter

Mel has been attending AL Events since 2015 with her first event being Bristol Anime & Gaming Con. Loved it from the start and met some great friends, continued to crew and get more involved for her love of cosplay and general geekiness. There is no limit to the amount of fun that happens at these events going from a presenter to Stage Manager to helping organize the whole thing! If you want the most experienced and friendliest you can always speak to Mel! 


We have over a dozen additional presenters who are based across the UK and do several of our events (but not all).

This includes: Hollie Camilleri, Barnaby Rowan, James Rowley, Jordan Wheeler, JD Luffman, Phoenix Barnett and many others too – all part of Animeleague’s Presenting Family.