About Us

Welcome to the Animeleague, run by the fans, for the fans. Animeleague exists to bring anime fans, gaming fans, cosplayers and general geeks together. We do this through our forums, discord community, real-life meetups and conventions to provide a home for one big family of friends.

Whether it’s anime, gaming, cosplay, or just general chat and discussion about life in general, AL has something for everyone and all are invited. Make sure to be a part of one of the top anime communities in the world and join us today!

What Does Animeleague Do?

1. We run conventions in locations all around the UK, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more. Our full list of upcoming events can be viewed at www.ukanimecons.com.
2. We run a discord server for chatting. You can access that at www.animeleague.games
3. We also have a mobile app, which allows you to access the forums as well manage and get info about the events you’re attending. You can download that at www.animeleague.app
4. We run meetups and small free to attend community events.
5. And of course, we run these forums. Make sure to bookmark www.animeleague.net for those!