Help Out

– Are you interested in signing up to Crew for one of the events we’re holding the qualifiers at? To Signup to Crew for the event, please fill in our Online Application Form. If you have any questions then email

Why Join Our Team?

The Animeleague crew are the people that help to make the conventions a reality and to make it enjoyable for all our members. If you’re interesting in volunteering to help out then please apply here.

What Kind of Work is it?

Usually a crew member will help to manage queues, serve attendees, act as a runner to move equipment/items around and so forth. When you join crew, you are placed on to a team. Each team has a team-leader who you will report in to and who will look after you over the event.

What Roles are there?

You pick a team to join which influences what roles you do. These are Video Gaming, Registrations, Operations and Stage.

– Registrations is helping to handle people when they come in such as wristbanding and answering attendee questions.
– Operations is a general job, bit of everything and helping where required. Video Gaming is helping the video gaming team and setting up consoles, running tournaments and so forth.
– Tabletop is helping run RPGs, board games and heavily interacting with attendees.
– Stage is helping with making sure stage is run, taking signups for events and helping with tech.
– There are also a variety of other roles such as photography, technician, presenter and so forth to apply for.


This is a VOLUNTARY position for the days of each convention.
Each crew member will do on average 7 hours for each day helping out the event. These are usually split in to 2-3 hour long shifts.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications

Due to the wide variety of roles, we accept any level of skill and qualification.


– You get free entry to the convention and one free-meal a day. If you have already paid for a ticket then this will be refunded.
– We’re always happy to provide references to people who work for us, so it’s something extra which you can add to your CV afterward.
– You get training and gain experience in a variety of different roles (you may choose from several different roles on offer)
– You get the satisifaction of having helped the convention out. Crewing is also a very easy way to get to know other members of the con, and there is usually a lot of camaraderie between fellow crew members over the course of the event.

– To Signup to Crew for the event, please fill in our Online Application Form. If you have any questions then email