Please note this is a test-app, very early release & is Android only as we gain feedback – Apple will become available by the end of 2019.

The following features are currently available –
– Announcements and important updates you need to know
– Live Timetable with any changes or cancellations included
– Event Map
– Reporting Issues you experience at the event or to ask questions
– Leaving Feedback on the app to help us improve it
– AL Events Calendar

The Following Features will be available before the end of 2019
– Upgrading the interface and look as we receive feedback
– Apple/iOS port
– Push Notifications for important updates (you may choose which types you receive or switch this off altogether)
– Scheduling and Reminders
– Enhanced timetable with event information

The Following Features will be worked on and we will aim to become fully available in early 2020 –
– Easy integrated Ticket Purchasing for future events
– Providing more detailed information on all exhibitors, tournaments, events & guests
– AL Points and Rewards System
– Full AL Account Integration
– AL Forum & Chatroom Integration
– Custom Chatroom on a per event basis
– Shoutouts/feed from attendees
– Other suggestions and ideas by popular request