All of our events provide a variety of different stage events and panels, the following events are examples of what we do. For an exact list of events, make sure to view the timetable for the event you are attending, which will be published a few weeks before the event.

Main Stage Events

Anime Bingo: Need something to get you excited in the morning? Let’s play a game of bingo! The twist is, instead of numbers – we’re calling out popular anime!

Big Geek Quiz: With rounds on anime, gaming and other general geeky subjects, this is the geekiest quiz you’ll ever see! Get some friends together in a team, and join in the fun! Did we mention there’s a cash prize for the winning team?

Big Geek Raffle: For just £1 for a ticket you can compete in a raffle with a selection of prizes up for grabs! Raffle tickets are sold at the Merchandise desk up to an hour before the raffle.

Cosplay Auction: Ever heard of the term “sell yourself to the audience”? Join us on stage, tell the audience why you’re so amazing, and then the auction will begin! All money made during this auction goes to our charity for the event.

Clan Battle Showdown: You’ve been earning points for your chosen clan all weekend. With over 300 points up for grabs in this event, this showdown is the decider in who will emerge victorious! Come along and help them win the war!

Closing Ceremony: The end of the show! We will announce who has won the clan battle, how much money we have raised for charity and to reflect on the weekend just gone. We thank all who attend!

Cosplay Masquerade: Show off your amazing cosplays at this event for a chance to win cash prizes and tickets to the next event and the Cosplay Masquerade Trophy!

Dub That Anime: The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. Prizes are up for grabs, so grab a partner to team up!

Karaoke: Sing your favourite songs! Any songs are welcome! Sign up at the stage desk an hour before karaoke begins.

Lip Sync Battle: Come battle one another with lip sync performances to your favourite tracks on stage. Ticket to a future AL event for the winner! Make sure to sign up early as there are only limited spots available.

Name That Anime Opening: A small quiz to test your anime music skills. Do you know the song name, where it is from and the artist?

Opening Ceremony: Join us for our opening ceremony were you get to meet the presenters and some of our crew. Have a dance and get ready for the rest of the weekend ahead!

Talent Show: Can you sing or dance? Perhaps you have a more unique talent. Whatever it is, enter and show it off! You could be the next big thing, with previous winners now regular performers at the convention.

Terrible Fanfiction Dramatic Reading: We all love a bit of fanfiction and we can admit some of it can be cringy or silly. We love it anyway, so lets act out some of our favourites!

Weebs Parliament: Debate topics within animes, gaming and the cosplay community. Topics such as “Is My Hero Academia Overrated?”, “What counts as cosplay”, “Who would win Goku or Naruto?” or “Xbox or Playstation?”


3D Japanese Idols: If you’re interested in Japanese Idol culture – this is the panel for you!

Beginner’s Guide to DnD: Have you ever wanted to join your friends in DnD, but wasn’t quite sure where to start with it? This panel teaches you all of the basics of the game!

Beginner’s Guide to J-pop Music: If you want to learn more about Japanese pop music then this is the panel for you!.

Beginner’s Guide to Pokemon: Pokemon has been around for a long time, so a lot of new fans have no idea where to start. If this applies to you, then come and join us to discuss where to start!

Hama Bead Workshop: Come and try some Hama beading with vibrant learners. All materials provided. Suitable for ages 5 and up, boys and girls. Hama bead are small plastic beads which you can put onto a board and create many designs – decoration trinkets and more. No experience required! A kind donation of £1 per creation is asked.

How to Make Manga: Join us for a fun panel on how to create your very own manga!

Icebreakers & How To Survive A Con: New to conventions? Came on your own or want to make new friends? Come along to the icebreakers to play some games and meet new people. We will also give you some tips on how to survive a convention.

Mental Health In Cosplay: If we’re talking about mental health, what does cosplay have to do with that? Maybe nothing, or maybe a lot. There isn’t much research out there on the world of cosplay and its intersection with mental health. There are some solid inferences that can be made to cosplay, however, based on what we already know is beneficial to mental health. Come join us to talk more on how cosplay and mental health come together.

Top 10 Anime Video Games To Play: Why pick anime OR gaming, when you can have both? Come join us as we discuss the best anime video games out there!

Karaoke: Sing your favourite songs! Any songs are welcome! Sign up at the stage desk an hour before karaoke begins.

Past Guests

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