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Please read our Terms & Conditions and our Dealer FAQ before booking. Prices and availability can be seen on the Prices Page. You are required to pay a 15% non-refundable deposit within 7 days to secure your booking, and full payment is required 8 weeks before the event. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full information.

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Sheffield Anime & Gaming Con - 16-17th September 2023
Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - 9-10th September 2023
Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con - 3-4th February 2024
Newcastle Anime & Gaming Con - 14-15th October 2023
Brighton Anime & Gaming Con - 4-5th November 2023
Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con - 10-11th February 2024
Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - 9-10th March 2024
Manchester Anime & Gaming Con - 6-7th April 2024
London Anime & Gaming Con - 16-18th February 2024
Portsmouth Anime & Gaming Con - 20-21st April 2024
Exeter Anime & Gaming Con - 11-12th May 2024
Norwich Anime & Gaming Con - 29-30th June 2024
Leeds Anime & Gaming Con - 1-2nd June 2024
Glasgow Anime & Gaming Con - 6-7th July 2024
Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con - 3-4th August 2024
London Anime & Gaming Con - 31st August to September 1st 2024
Bristol Anime & Gaming Con - 24-25th August 2024
Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - 7-8th September 2024
Sheffield Anime & Gaming Con - 14-15th September 2024
Newcastle Anime & Gaming Con - 5-6th October 2024
Brighton Anime & Gaming Con - 9-10th November 2024
Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con - 13-14th April 2024

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Important Notice: Artists can't book more than one table, backing, or power. If you need any of these, please select Dealer as the table type.

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Smaller events have a cap of 4 tables, larger events have larger caps (limit depends on total event capacity). Artists are capped at 1 table for all events.

Backing Space Help Text
Backing tables extend your space for displaying additional stock, or you can use the space for stands/racks. If selected, the number of backing tables will equal the number of tables selected. The price per backing table can be found on the Prices Page. Artists are not able to booking backing.
Yes - Automatically removed if we don't have the space

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1 pass per table. The cost of an extra pass is on our Prices Page.

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Anime Merchandise
Bath Bombs, Cosmetics, Candles
Cards, Comics, Magazines, Prints
Cosplay Props or Weapons (Not Hard Wood/Plastic or Metal)
Custom Artwork, Prints, Stickers or Other Handmade Items (please use the other field for 18+ materials)
Digital & Traditional Art
DVDs, Comics, Manga, or Other Media
Funko Pop Figures
Gaming Items, Consolse, Controllers, Skins
Japanese Snacks or Canned/Bottled Drinks
Jewellery and Accessories
LED Clothing, masks, t-shirts
Official Licenced Merchandise Including Figures
Plushies Including Officially Licenced Pokemon Plushies
Posters, Wall Scrolls, Canvases or Other Prints
T-Shirts, Hoodies or Accessories
Other/Unapproved (You may not be approved)

** Your booking will be pending while we review your other items. Please select generic options from the tick boxes above if possible.
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Artist tables are unable to book power. No charge and one socket per Dealer booking. Subject to availability. If you have essential power requirements, please contact us.

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