Guide to Finding Lost Tickets

You can use this page to find missing or lost convention tickets sold to you by Animeleague for use in the calendar year of 2021. If you have purchased tickets, then this tool will send you an email to access all your tickets for the year. Please read the following carefully before continuing.

  1. Before using this tool, check your spam folder for your ticket.
  2. Add our email address to your contacts or address book.
  3. If your email address has been used to purchase tickets, then we will send you an email with a unique link. This links lists all your tickets for the year 2021. If you buy more tickets for 2021, then they will also be listed on the link we send you.
  4. If no purchased tickets are found, then we will email you to confirm that you don't have any tickets paid for on your email address. You are welcome to use the tool again for additional email addresses if you need. Please contact us if you are having any problems.
  5. Tickets for 2022 will not be shown by using this tool. Another page will be made available in the future and you will need to submit another request for a ticket email for that year.
  6. If you have used an AL Forum Account, then you are not able to use this tool. Please use your Forum Account to login to the ticket websites instead. You can view all your tickets for that event on each event website.

Animeleague Android App

If you are an android user, then you can use our app to get all your tickets! You can even use the app to purchase more tickets, and the app contains useful information (such as timetables and maps) to help make your event more enjoyable. You can download the app from our Mobile App Website:

Our ticket system isn't yet available on our Apple iOS app, but will be in the future.

You Need To Add Us As A Contact

To ensure that our emails are delivered to you, please add our email address as a contact or to your address book. If you are able to, you should also set up a filter to ensure our emails never go to spam. For help on adding us as a contact or to you address book or setting up a filter, please see the links below.

Our Event Ticket Email Address:

Please refer to your email provider for help adding a contact to your address book, as methods vary depending on your provider and your device.

This email address is used to send you tickets that you have purchased. We will send you important information about your ticket by using this email address. We don't send out any newsletters or promotional information from this email address. If you would like our newsletter/promotion emails, you can signup to them on the Animeleague Email Newsletter website. The newsletter emails are delivered from

Email All My Tickets

Once you have added us as a contact, you can enter your email address below. We will send you an email with a unique link that will show all your tickets for this year. The email is sent right away from our server, but may take a few minutes to arrive. If you don't have any tickets under the email address, we will send you confirmation of this instead.

If you don't receive anything after 10 minutes then it means that we're having trouble contacting you. Please firstly check your spam folder for our email, and then contactus at if you don't receive anything and need further help.

Important: We log IP addresses and use security on this page in order to protect this tool and your data from malicious use. If you use this tool too often in a short space of time (i.e. you keep pressing the button), then we will automatically ban you from using this tool. Please be patient and wait for the confirmation page to load before pressing the button again!

Your Email Address :
I have read the guidelines above and I confirm that I have added as a contact.